Friday, June 6, 2008

The Moral Economy Project yields a forthcoming Book

From the beginning of the Quaker Institute for the Future in the August of 2003 when Friends who had gathered at Pendle Hill earlier in the summer reconvened in Bar Harbor, Maine, to pursue the development of a new kind of "Quaker think tank", there was a leading to undertake the collaborative writing of a book that would advance the development of Friends' testimonies concerning ecology and the economy.  This led to the Moral Economy Project which is now closing in on the completion of a book that will be forthcoming in early 2009 from Berrett- Koehler Publishers as RIGHT RELATIONSHIP: BUILDING A WHOLE EARTH ECONOMY. A website for the book and related initiatives will open on June 10, 2008 at 


Miss Eagle said...

I have tried to access the moral economy website at the URL given and I get a big "Forbidden". Could you please advise? Is the site restricted only to certain people or is it still being built or....?

Blessings and bliss

fdmillar said...

Was under construction. There should be no problem now. The site is and it contains a summary and excerpts from the book.

Anonymous said...

How sad that a blog aimed, ostensibly, at dealing with such a challenging topic should have virtually no current activity.